Crisfield Police Press Release

Crisfield Police Department

Crisfield, Maryland

To: Press

From: Chief Michael L. Tabor

Subject: Press Release

Date: August 14, 2018

On August 14, 2018, Crisfield Officers responded to the area of 119-B Richardson Avenue in reference to a cutting. Upon arrival, officers witnessed a male individual later identified as Arron Lee Mavae Pinkney struggling with two other individuals/victims in a continued attempt to cut them. Pinkney was eventually subdued and taken into custody where he was charged with the following crimes and ultimately held on No Bail at the Somerset County Detention Center. According to the family the suspect suffers from mental illness and had an episode.

1) Attempted murder x-2

2) Assault – 1st Degree x-2

3) Assault – 2nd Degree x-2

4) Reckless Endangerment x-2

5) Deadly Weapon Intent to Injure x-2

6) Affray

7) Disorderly Conduct

8) Disturb the Peace

9) Fail Obey Lawful / Order

10) Obstructing & Hindering Police.

Both victims were transported by E.M.S. to the hospital where they received medical treatment for lacerations to their fingers and were later released.


14 thoughts on “Crisfield Police Press Release

  1. He is NOT a thug you inbred cousin f*cking people. He is mentally ill and needs help. The police and the communuity are too worried about coddling heroin addicts to protect the mentally ill. There are a lot of mentally ill people too ,walking around talking to themselves or picking up nasty discarded cigarette butts. Who will help them?


  2. To all Anonymous: Your comments are ignorant, to say the least. You are not a psychiatrist or trained mental health expert. A psychotic break can happen to anyone, at any time, not just a person suffering from mental illness. If that be the case, we all need to be locked up. I am a mental health provider and have numerous years of experience in this field. Moreover, you lack any expertise in this area, readily make unfounded comments on inaccurate and uncredible information, write annoying and repulsive comments….definitely a menu for stupidity.


    1. James you are wasting your breath on those people. As a white person, I’m embarrassed by all the foul comments made by the closeted racists of Crisfield. Bet they’d never have that talk in public.


  3. He should have been taken to the Peninsula Hospital Mental Health Unit to address his condition. He is as much a victim of his illness as the 2 other people were. He did not intentionally set out to harm anyone. He had a psychotic break. The Crisfield Police Department lied about what really happened because they wanted to bring about serious charges. We all know that the media is not honest and shouldn’t be believed. This young man needs your prayers…. he is 27 years old and has his entire life ahead of him. He doesn’t need to be incarcerated, he needs to be hospitalized! Charges need to be filed against the Crisfield Police Department for providing inaccurate information and for trying to sway the court of public opinion!


    1. Are you saying that because he has a mental illness, the police can not say what they saw and did? He may not have meant to hurt anyone when in his right mind, but was he in his right mind? If he suffers from a mental illness, he should be treated for it. But to let him run lose and attack others is not ok. Get him stabilized, then maybe he won’t be a threat to society.
      Just my opinion.


    2. No one has lied about anything! This guy is/was a ticking time bomb and needs to be in an institution. Had the same type of problems with him going off when he was in Princess Anne living in the Go-Getters house. Just a matter of time before he kills someone if he isn’t put away somewhere.


    3. What cops? A friend who witnessed it all said only ONE cop arrived on scene. Probably the only one on duty! Nobody is even at the station on weekends.
      I’m shocked that no one has ever tried to rob a bank during one of the many local events ,the police here are spread so thin it’s inevitable. Why doesn’t the city give them money for more officers?


  4. Liberal prosecutor and judge will give him probation bc he is Black ? Is Obastard still president is what I am asking.


    1. You are a stupid motherfucker,aren’t you? This is a family in crisis ,what difference does it make if they are black?


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