Downtown Amphitheater Is Open


14 thoughts on “Downtown Amphitheater Is Open

  1. Pretty sad to attempt to stage this the same time as County Fair opening!! Where is all the support for the festival and Amphitheater?? The only people is see are city council and folk festival employees and family


    1. That’s a lie Taco boy Joey!!!! You just wish you could get a crowd like it to show up at O.C. Pocket Billiards…..take down the 5 year old picture of motorcycles at Pizza Tugos claiming they playing pool…..dumb ass!


  2. That is a flat out lie 7:35….look again that’s not Trader Lee’s! My wife and I were there and neither of us have any affiliation with either group you mentioned! In fact we are both retired and are simply appreciative residences and property owners in Salisbury. Two neighbors of mine were also there and numerous other folks I’ve seen at various outings within the City, you are just jealous that there was a great turnout. My wife and I also visited the County Fair. Why do people like you try to stir up something when there is no problem?? Just stupid I surmise!!!


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