The Salisbury Folk Festival Will Succeed

Yesterday showed Loud and clear that people are excited for the National Folk Festival coming to Salisbury in September the 7th through the 9th. It was a crowded event for just this ceremony. I got to meet and talk to Governor Hogan’s wife Yumi and hear how excited she is for the event as a lover of art and music.

The new fountain by the amphitheater is beautiful and looks amazing at night when lit by colored LEDS. I can tell you first hand that there was a band playing and you could barely hear any traffic noise except louder things like motorcycles or diesel trucks. Please be sure you clear out some time from that weekend to enjoy this event, it is going to be amazing.


One thought on “The Salisbury Folk Festival Will Succeed

  1. It was very easy to access, I didn’t notice any noise that would have been a deal breaker. It would be like complaining about a crying baby or a child running by, it’s an OPEN AIR facility what would any logical person expect? We look forward to the Folk Festival!


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