Reunited And It Feels So Good

Man I needed that. I had severely over extended myself on way too many projects, and taking the past week off finally gave me the clarity I needed. I was doing this site, doing aerial videography, working on designs for my e-shop and working on producing my new series unscripted . I know that videos are not the most favored thing I do, but I really enjoy that aspect of this site, so they will continue. I’m going to quit the e-shop idea and work on incorporating more drone footage into stories. I am very fortunate to have such an amazing outlet to make a difference and I can really realize now I need to be more appreciative of what I have built all by myself with the support of so many supporters, readers and followers.

I am going to start providing much more content from the local area which will allow you to leave more feedback on hot button topics from around the area. I am going to aim for 4 articles an hour for 8 hours with special posts when needed during all hours. This latest drama with the crosswalks only helped me see that I need to focus up and get this back on track. There will be no further breaks. I do love this WordPress change I made, it is so much smoother for me to use on all my devices.

Some people always complain because they don’t like to see my opinion on stories , but that’s too bad because I’m not changing. I’m actually going to go back to being edgier and not worry about making everyone like me because I honestly don’t give a shit. I have compromised on that too much the past 6 months trying to be more pc and kind. I’m not saying I’m gonna be an ass all the time either but if something gets my blood boiling I’m going to talk about it and be honest on how I feel.

I want everyone who may be new to the channel to understand these few things . I am a conservative registered Republican. I believe In traditional marriage , I am against abortion unless it’s a rape , want us to build the wall and support President Trump. You aren’t going to change me and I’m not gonna try to change you, but be aware that those are my beliefs so don’t be shocked if my opinion on something stems from that.

It’s great to be back and feel ready to rock and roll.


11 thoughts on “Reunited And It Feels So Good

  1. Write an article about Palmer Gillis’ letter to editor from the Dispatch. Would love to see your reader’s comments


    1. Welcome back. Stop with the GILLIS BS. We all know where he stood long before his comments. Not the first time someone with money put his feet in his big mouth.


  2. How about assbero now kissing up too Gillis after blasting him on the slog now he is butt buddy’s with the Land grabber what pissed myself and the wife is how he shows up at the 9/11 firefighter memorial in shorts and flip-flops for a truce ,????
    The FLIP FLOPPER IS ASSBERO maybe Gillis can be head bartender at the open bar pit assbero is the bottom of the F Barrel

    How disrespectful is assbero on going to a FF Memorial when he hates FF and Cops
    Two faced Mother F…ER.


    1. I was thinking the same. But that’s what he does. So DON’T respond to anything that ASS does. He’s worthless. He’s just about broke. He probably blackmailed GILLIS for fund’s. I’ll post what a wonderful man you are. You give me money.


  3. Great now you can start with the light green car that has been on the southbound Rt13 shoulder north of Princess Anne for about two weeks. I always thought the state would impound abandoned cars. The car has been there so long someone has thrown a brick through the back window. Why hasn’t the hazard been impounded?


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