John William Hamilton is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The 2018 midterm elections are one of the most important elections in the history of our nation both locally and at the national level. The implications of the outcome of this election couldn’t be any higher for the future of our communities.

That is why it is disappointing to see the dirty politics of Washington seeping into Wicomico County politics with the county executive race.

In the 2010 primary, John Hamilton ran as a Republican for County Council and is a known personal friend of current County Executive Bob Culver.

This election, however, he is running as a Democrat — and not so ironically, filed shortly after a serious challenger filed to run as an independent against Culver.

This candidate is the current and popular Salisbury City Council President Jack Heath.
It is safe to say, based on what we now know, Hamilton’s campaign is a plan to split the vote to get Culver re-elected and thereby not give Wicomico residents the county executive they deserve.

Since filing to run, Hamilton has raised zero dollars, barely gone to any events and indicated zero intention of running a real campaign.

We can’t allow dirty political tricks to influence the future of our county. That is why we must support the real opposition to the ineffectiveness and bad policy in Culver by supporting Independent Jack Heath.

Zachary Wallace lives in Salisbury.


6 thoughts on “John William Hamilton is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  1. Wallace is another ultra progressive liberal slinging crap because the Democrat candidate isn’t liberal or progressive enough.
    Even Gains Hawkins is stepping down from Wicomico’s Democrat Club because of the club’s TOTAL failure to produce a viable candidate!
    Wallace is a liar, Gains is a tool, and all they have left is Heath – Vote early, vote often… And vote republican! Keep progressive liberals out of local politics!!


  2. JT

    I guess you want your rent to go up as Heath the Theif will remove the property tax cap hence Property btaxes go up hence you pay higher Rent.


  3. One-term Bob has to go, he actually made me feel sorry for not re-electing Rick Pollitt! Culver has been a big fat ZERO! Taking county money for a nothing Volunteer Fire Group to shady accounting audits that resulted in terminations that also were and still are questionable. Culver will do better in West Ocean City peddling tacos!!!!!


  4. If Hamilton was a true Democrat, he’d been at the opening of their campaign headquarters, speaking to all the groups that are pro democrat, raising funds and support from big names in the party. He actually have his own platform and not copied Jack’s. He would have not changed party affiliation at the last minute to run. The Primaries showed how blindly people would vote just based on a party affiliation than actually knowing the candidate at all. Hamilton got more votes from a party he wasn’t really a member of than Culver got in Republican votes. Didn’t Culver run in the 2010 elections that Hamilton did?


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