Lionel Frederick Accused Of A Crime? No Way

I was so shocked while I was on break to hear that outstanding citizen Lionel Frederick was charged with assault-second degree, reckless endangerment and false imprisonment from an altercation with his girlfriend. I mean Lionel has been an outstanding example and role model for young black youth in Princess Anne I can’t fathom it.


I mean they re-elected him to town council again so I know none of this can be true.


8 thoughts on “Lionel Frederick Accused Of A Crime? No Way

  1. I do believe Princess Anne deserves him for sure…at least the ones who voted him into office..what a mockery he is making of the position.


    1. This is at least 3rd time 1 yr old baby’s momma and in the belly baby’s momma has called the cops on our town commissioner. This will be at least the 3rd times she drops the charges.

      This is the tradition Princess Anne family we tax payers support. Can you believe the town pays their commissioners even if they do not attend meetings or not. Ole Lionel is smarter then most. Been around 2 years since our token boy has attended meeting. But the good side to all of this Lionel’s Psychologist at Eastern Shore Psychological Services LLC was able to garnish Lionel’s earned wages from all these unattended meetings.

      That’s our boy, always a step ahead.


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