Palmer Gillis SMH

There are many times that I see people who I thought were smarter do dumb ass things. Palmer Gillis joined that club over the past week. I read and laughed when Palmer whined about the Trump flags on the boats at the Marina in West Ocean City and how he couldn’t even barely eat his meal because of them. The most hilarious part was Palmer talking about all those mean rich people who owned those boats and how they couldn’t understand what it’s like to be in the other 99%. Trump has helped them out so of course they support him.

Um Palmer you are one of the wealthiest people in the area with your business buying and renovating most of the shore it seems, if anybody doesn’t understand what the rest live like it’s you. You own a gigantic house which most could only dream of and yet the very tax breaks you complain about for the Marina folk is what has helped you the past few years get richer. Before you get on your soap box try to take use of a brain cell and see how damn dumb you sounded in that article.


5 thoughts on “Palmer Gillis SMH

  1. Over half of the volunteer positions for the Folk Festival are unfilled. Why are you not trying to get people to help? You said you support it, but it doesn’t appear that way.


  2. Like most DemocRATS AKA The new Communist party He is a HYPOCRITICAL POS and even now Assbero has bowed to him and caved into him I Wonder what DEAL Gillis gave Joe ? Maybe a discount on some work on his swamp house ? Assbero has Zero backbone which explains his new friend Gillis as they are Both two peas in a swamp pod I know for a Fact the fisherman are pissed at assbelo and he better stay away from OC.


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