Legislative study: Worcester taxes low, crime rates high

somerset-county-crest(Sept. 6, 2018) Among the benefits of living in Worcester County are low tax rates and ample education spending, while the drawbacks are high crime and unemployment rates, and subpar income levels, according to a 2018 “Overview of Maryland Local Governments” study published by the Department of Legislative Services.

Maryland, according to the study, is made up of 347 local governments, including 23 counties and Baltimore City, along with 156 municipalities and 167 special taxing districts.

That’s well below the national average, however. The state ranks 45th in number of local governments while neighboring Pennsylvania, for instance, ranks third with 4,897. Virginia ranks 44th and Delaware is 46th, according to the study.

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One thought on “Legislative study: Worcester taxes low, crime rates high

  1. Not really a fair crime rate for Worcester, considering all the idiots that come to Ocean City from elsewhere…remember–go to OC on vacation, leave on probation, return on violation! In the peak summertime, Ocean City is the second biggest city in the State will all the tourists…they leave their brains behind, and bring their crime.


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