Salisbury Folk Festival 800 Volunteers


This is how people that love Salisbury turn out. Over 800 people have volunteered their time to help this event happen. This is amazing to see.


7 thoughts on “Salisbury Folk Festival 800 Volunteers

  1. Sure is some sorry, lonely people out there. Nothing better to do than write (attempt) pitiful negative comments about subjects they know little about. I think I hear your momma calling from upstairs. Your bagle bites are burning the microwave again!


  2. 2:07 that is an untruth (lie) started by those who hope the festival fails – ask the volunteers – Many businesses asked their employees to volunteer. I cannot speak for all businesses but I know for a fact Avery Hall Insurance, Pohanka nor Henson employees were forced or threaten in any way. The majority take pride in their city and want the Folk Festival to be a great success.


    1. So much pride just as long that crime is covered up by SPD and the mayor to Sucker the dumbass college parents $$$$$$.


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