Downtown Is Looking Awesome

I had a chance to talk to Mayor Jake Day this morning and everything is ready to go. Don’t worry about the rain it’s tent city for that reason.

This is gonna rock


9 thoughts on “Downtown Is Looking Awesome

  1. Love how you people have to bitch, bitch, bitch about every event around here. Let’s see how thriving of a town Salisbury becomes when all these events go away. Think it’s bad now, just wait. And the only ones you’ll have to blame are yourselves.


      1. Too late. Gays have education and money. You have NOTHING but queer!! Shorebillies. Now stay in your MOMMA’S trailer and eat the muskrat.


  2. Hey JT it looks like the Wast Ocean City slugs have found your post about the Festival. You know salt will kill them! They aren’t even smart enough to climb out of mommas basement to know where Salisbury is so please keep posting pictures! Thanks JT!!!


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