Crime plummets for summer overall In Ocean City

ocean-city-maryland-2(Sept. 7, 2018) Not only did this Labor Day weekend in Ocean City have less crime than end-of-summer holidays in past years, but the season as a whole has been much tamer as compared to previous summers.

“We have experienced an exceptional summer and have seen a remarkable decrease in crime,” said Lindsey Richard, public affairs specialist for the Ocean City Police Department. “As of Aug. 19, 2018, we have seen a 23 percent decrease in total serious crime compared to this time last year. This includes a 61 percent decrease in robberies and a 25 percent decrease in thefts.

“In June alone, we experienced a 27 percent decrease in serious crime compared to June 2017,” she continued.

Overall, 1,357 calls for service were made from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2. Of these, 932 were initiated by police officers and 425 were initiated by citizens. That compares to the 1,115 calls made Sept. 1-3 last year, with 795 initiated by police and 320 initiated by citizens.

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