Somerset County School Superintendent Discusses Upcoming Hurricane Readiness


So I usually don’t post anything for schools on Sunday but felt the need to do so based on the many questions I’m getting about the potential storm. So some general answers to questions below:

1. Somerset County Emergency Operations Center does a phenomenal job keeping us informed. We all meet and discuss how we can help each other and what needs to be done in preparation for any potential storm. This is already taking place.

2. We have a practice of securing our schools, athletic fields and facilities for wind storms, nor’ easters and bad storms.

3. We share whatever information we have and as always will never put our students in harms way. Issues with storm surge or rain always present themselves to us as we have buses that need to travel the roads safely.

4. We do not cancel for one part of the county and have the other attend school. We are one county and while flooding may not take place in the north end if it does in the south we cancel for everyone and vice versa.

5. We will continue to watch the storm just like everybody else and make decisions based upon quality information when the time presents itself. Just because we are reviewing our plans and making preparations doesn’t mean we expect something to happen. It’s just a good reminder to all of us to be prepared because you never know what can happen.

Stay tuned and we will keep you updated as we move forward this week.