Somerset County Emergency Services Press Release And Evacuation Of Smith Island

For immediate release

Princess Anne, MD – Somerset County Emergency Services is closely monitoring Hurricane Florence on a 24 hour a day basis. While the hurricane is not an immediate threat, it is important for all residents and visitors to prepare as severe weather conditions could impact Somerset County later this week.

The President of the Somerset County Commissioners is recommending an evacuation of Smith Island (Zone A-1) tomorrow Wednesday September 12th. The Coast Guard will be at the Tylerton dock at 12:30pm departing for Crisfield at 1:30pm. DNR will be at Ewell at 12:30pm to pick up the residents that are evacuating.

Zone A-2 could experience widespread flooding. If it becomes necessary to evacuate the main land Zone A, evacuation orders will be disseminated through the CodeRed system by a call to the resident phone numbers we have on file. This CodeRed call will start with an introduction saying “This is Somerset County Emergency Services”, please listen to the entire call for important public messaging about evacuations. Local radio and television stations will be used to broadcast messages to our community. Finally, our official social media page will have messaging. See Somerset County Emergency Services on facebook for the latest accurate updates. Be sure your information is coming from an official and reliable source as gossip, rumors and just plain false information can cause confusion, panic and might even put you in harms’ way.

If you are not sure what zone your home or business is in go to enter the address and it will identify your zone for you.

If you have any specific concerns or questions you can call Emergency Services at 410-651-3457. If your call is forwarded to voice mail please leave a message and it will be returned.