The Town of Chincoteague’s Emergency Management Team continues to monitor the very dangerous Hurricane Florence


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 09/10/2018 18:00
The Town of Chincoteague’s Emergency Management Team continues to monitor the very dangerous Hurricane Florence.
The Town has declared a state of emergency beginning at noon, September 10, 2018.
While the National Hurricane Center does not currently expect to have a direct landfall of the dangerous and catastrophic eye-wall in or near Chincoteague, the area will still receive impacts from this large and powerful storm starting late Wednesday or early Thursday.
Because of the severity of the storm, Governor Ralph Northam has issued an evacuation order for all of the Virginia A Evacuation Zones beginning at 8AM tomorrow, Tuesday, September 11.
Chincoteague is in the A Zone.
Anyone evacuating begin at 8AM tomorrow is urged to seek shelter outside of the area and to the north, not the west, as heavy rains may cause life-threatening flooding in the western part of the state and neighboring states.
Local Shelters will not be open at 8AM Tuesday and will likely not be open until Wednesday, given the predicted arrival times of tropical storm force winds to our area.
The Emergency Management Team will be watching these times hourly and will coordinate with Accomack County to ensure local shelters are open long before the arrival of tropical storm force winds and flooding, allowing for all citizens that choose to shelter locally the time to arrive safely at the shelters before impacts are felt.
This evacuation is mainly focused in A Zones in the big Hampton Roads cities as there are approximately 240,000 people in these A Zones, so time is needed when so many have to evacuate, thus the start at 8AM tomorrow.
If you chose to shelter at an Accomack County shelter, you must take your own food, medicine, and bedding to the shelter. Pets will not be allowed in the local shelters.
Shelter locations will be announced when evacuations should start for our area.
There is still time to make your preparations, secure your property, and make arrangements for evacuation.
Please stay tuned to local media, the Town’s Official Facebook page or EOC page, and for updates and further instructions. You can also sign up for Code Red Reverse Calling at