Please Help Family Of Teen Who Ended Her Life In Salisbury Click Picture To Visit Page

Jose F. Tello



It brings me an incredibly great deal of sadness to have to be writing this about my younger sister, but on September 10th, 2018, Diana Tello-Ramirez had decided to take her own life. Our hearts were torn straight out of our chests as soon as we all heard the news that morning and are currently devastated. None of this feels real to any of us in the slightest bit. She was such a talented individual with a bright future ahead of her and had such an infectiously goofy personality that transpired onto everything she did, including her art. Her creative outlook on life and genuine kindness gave us so much inspiration towards our own work and lives. It hurts to face the reality of the situation, but we have to move forward.  

As we began to plan out options for her funeral, we realized that we are in over our heads financially.

No one expects to bury their child. Her one and only wish is to have her remains buried in New York, where she was born, but we simply do not have the funds. We are asking for donations to help her wish become a reality. Anything you can give is an enormous contribution and another step closer to achieving this goal. From all of us in the Tello/Ramirez family, from the deepest most bottom parts of our hearts, thank you guys for all of your love and support through this tragic event. We can never thank you all enough and truly do not know what we would do without any of you.


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