Cambridge Police Department Press Release

We’re getting trained up and looking for volunteers and middle school students and teachers,looking for fun and after school involvement with peers and community friends and family. Police Athletic League has come to Cambridge, we’re excited those that have a gift for young people and want to make a difference in the life of our youth and want to help, contact the Cambridge Police Department Community Policing Division. 410 228- 3333 Background checks mandatory for those adults that want to volunteer, keeping our kids safe if first and foremost.

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5 thoughts on “Cambridge Police Department Press Release

  1. YAWN. Same crap just different city. For over 70 years good people and millions of dollars spent on these people who will never appreciate it. Because they expect it. Say what you want but mentoring begins at home. If you don’t have it at home. WASTING ASSETS.


  2. Looks like these bozos should work on their writing skills rather than playing youth games. That is a pitiful excuse for a press release from a professional organization. The chief should be mortified. I hope they write their reports more professionally than this “press release”.


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