Don’t Be Too Harsh To Weather People


Many locals have been heard complaining about how the weather forecasters screwed the forecast up with Hurricane Florence. Our weather has been nice actually the past few days and many felt they missed out on weekend plans due to the doom forecast of Florence. The thing is and you know, weather people are always going to  err on the side of caution. If they had said go party at the beach and florence had struck and people died then we would want their heads for that. They really are always in a no win situation.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Be Too Harsh To Weather People

  1. Absolutely CORRECT! There isn’t a forecaster, EVER, who could accurately predict the Delmarva Peninsula weather!!!! The two bays, Delaware Bay and the Chesapeake Bay have an effect on these fronts that no one can predict! In this case glad they erred on the side of caution!!! There will be other Bike Weeks and we will forget about 2018 event.


  2. What about fake news Mike Seidel of weather channel pretending he was about to blow away while 2 guys stroll by…. so funny. What an embarrassment.


    1. That picture of Mike was explained on FOX News Channel. FOX anchors felt Mike was not the kind of guy to pretend he was being blown away so did a bit of investigating. They determined Mike had been on his feet for 12 hours, reporting the weather. The two you saw walking were higher up then Mike and walking on concrete. Mike was down in a little slopping ravine that was covered with wet grass. FOX determined that Mike was actually slipping downward and felt as if he were falling and was trying to grab on to the sign to steady himself. FOX said Mike’s being tired was a factor also.

      Mike works for the Weather Channel and we in Salisbury are proud of one of our Native sons. Nice that Mike has such a nice reputation that anchors on another channel went to the trouble to find out what was going on.


  3. 2:33 I agree. EVERY station does some form of over dramatization…remember they all volley for viewers and ratings! Glad to hear someone spoke up for Mike, he is a good guy and fine reporter.


  4. Mike is a national disgrace and embarrassment. Sorry Salisbury, he let you down. Those explanations are just plain silly. He should have walked over to where those guys were so he wouldn’t get hurt if it was blowing so much less there… (it wasn’t)


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