Shady Bob Culver Tried Everything Underhanded To Ruin Folk Festival

If you ever want to see a dictionary definition of a swine look up the name Bob Culver. It seems that after the Folk Festival was a success Bob declared in a video I shared how successful it had been trying to take in some of the credit for this. The truth is in the weeks leading up to the event Bob did everything he could to ruin it. It seems Bob went to the comptrollers office to try to get the City’s liquor license taken away because Salisbury didn’t come before Wicomico County for the permit. Bob also contacted the powers that be about the fountain in the waterway by the amphitheater claiming it was going to obstruct boats that travel there.

This my friends is more the actions of a pouty child rather than an adult man. This is a failure in business and in life who knows his time is coming to a close and wants to flail around like a little baby like he is.













2 thoughts on “Shady Bob Culver Tried Everything Underhanded To Ruin Folk Festival

  1. Bob, Just make your way back to the booze cage at the Civic Center. Kevin will let you in with open arms just as he does most the inmates there on a daily basis who wanna wet dare whistle and get jiggy wit it.


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