Somerset County MOSQUITO SPRAYING Via Air

MOSQUITO SPRAYING: The following areas of Somerset County will be treated by a twin-engine aircraft to reduce the adult mosquito population, beginning the evening of Monday, September 24, 2018, until completion, weather conditions permitting: Crisfield, Smith Island, Fairmount, Wenona, Deal Island, Chance, Dames Quarter, Champ, Oriole, and Mt. Vernon. Other areas are pending.

The white plane with red and blue stripes, registration number N903MD, will fly 300 to 500 feet, above the ground during the evening hours.

Residents of the affected areas are advised that the insecticide to be applied is Trumpet a formulation containing naled and applied at less than 1.0 fluid ounce per acre.

Approximately 24,000 acres will be treated. It is not necessary for people, pets or livestock to leave the area to be treated. For additional information, call the Maryland Department of Agriculture at 410-543-6626.