Disappointed In Governor Hogan

Governor Hogan has made it abundantly clear from the start he is not a Donald Trump fan, but this latest path he is taking in regards to the Brett Kavanaugh situation has crossed the line. The path I am referring to is publicly making statements regarding the confirmation process of a Supreme Court candidate.

When your personal hatred of someone begins to make you include everyone that associates or is associated with that person a target as well , it is time for you to step back and rethink what you are doing. I am a supporter of Gov Hogan and think he has done an amazing job with Maryland, but this time I can’t let the anti trump stuff slide.

Governor Hogan has no reason or ability to change this process and to begin agreeing with the Democrats is a terrible choice on his part. We know in Maryland he has to make some concessions to Democrats because they control the legislature, but making public statements about this situation shows he has let it become personal. This is very disappointing to see and I honestly am disappointed in him for this


10 thoughts on “Disappointed In Governor Hogan

  1. Another good post Grinch……Hogan Strong is acting weak. Along with many other republicans. It has been for some time we vote against one, for the other. Now there is hardly anyone to vote for when both candidates are a poor choice. It shows nationwide too.


  2. Regardless, Hogan will get my vote. Jealous would be a total disaster.
    More importantly for the Eastern Shore – after the 2020 census, new Congressional districts will be drawn. You can take it to the bank that the Eastern Shore will be lumped into a new district that will be much easier for a Democrat to win. This is what the General Assembly has been doing since 1990. If Hogan wins, he can veto the redistricting plan. if Jealous wins, he will sign it and we will get some liberal prog POS who couldn’t care less about our values and our issues. You know – a guy like Jesse Colvin.


  3. The majority of people who reside on The Maryland Eastern Shore have some serious racist issues. Hogan is a fare person to everyone no matter what color he or she is. Try to be more like Hogan, I guarantee you, you will feel a lot better about yourself.


  4. fair – a : marked by impartiality and honesty : free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism

    fare – a : the price charged to transport a person
    b : a paying passenger on a public conveyance

    The people who have the “serious racist issues” are the lib/Dem/TDS people who see people in racial, gender, and sexual terms. Period. The individual means nothing to them. If you are a (fill in the blank) you must think this way, act this way, vote this way, etc depending on what group you belong to. If you are anything except a heterosexual white male you are oppressed. If you are the white heterosexual male you are the oppressor. That’s how these people think.

    I look at people as individuals. I don’t care if you are purple with pink polka dots. The libs are the other way around. The individual must be defined by the group they belong to. Which is the total opposite of what the civil rights struggle of the 60’s was about. Judge individuals by their character and behavior, not by what group they belong to.


  5. @6:51

    NOBODY is born RACIST!! The blacks are taught to hate WHITES.
    In the garage the other day working. Bunch of black girls playing next door. I heard one black girl say to another. Kesha. You talking white. AGAIN. NOBODY is born RACIST.


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