Trump Derangement Syndrome In Salisbury

This whack a mole was in Barnes and Noble in Salisbury this evening. I saw him in the socialism for dummies section


14 thoughts on “Trump Derangement Syndrome In Salisbury

      1. If your comment is referring to J T’s piece, I do not agree with you as in my mind J T is spot on – BUT – if your comment is referring to the 3:35
        comment you are 100% right in saying you do not find MEGA or TRUMP 2020 embrassing.


  1. This disgruntled subject should not display out flag on that billboard on wheels. Also, needs their voters card (rights) pulled being such a dummy.


  2. Just saw a Culver ad that says he has cut county taxes. Isn’t that a fib because it was the Wicomico County Council under John Cannon’s leadership that made the tax cut – and as I recall Culver was opposed.

    How about doing a post about this.


  3. I guess you had no problem with the pickup trucks that had Obama’s picture on it with a bullseye. I guess that’s freedom of speech for you.


  4. Didn’t see a sticker with the loser in cross hairs. Would love to have had one during his rein of terror when we were held hostage for eight years. Hell, I would display that even today. The traitor is still trying to be relevant. Pure trash………thank you President Donald J. Trump!

    Trump/Pence 2020!

    Pence/Trump 2024!


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