Great Day To Be An American

Congrats Brett Kavanaugh on being selected for the Supreme Court.


9 thoughts on “Great Day To Be An American

  1. I won’t made a broad statement about all democrat’s, but the few I am familiar with are all out of their tree. I have been friends with them for years and the past several years this has happen. We use to get along and even talk politics. We can’t today without getting highly emotional. It’s a shame to have been friends for so long and now I try to avoid them and don’t miss them because of this. What the heck happen, something in the water or air or what? Same people.


  2. False charges, lies and uncorroborated accusations CAN NOT make any person guilty! It was truly a farse….it was politics at it’s worse! Justice and truth did prevail!!! TRULY A GREAT DAY! Republicans better go to the polls or the Dumbocrats will turn this into a “communist” nation, uncontrolled increases in taxes, no guns and basically no rights.


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