Emotional plea during council meeting In OC

(Oct. 5, 2018) Almost one year after her husband was killed during car rally in Ocean City, resident Renae Lawlor pleaded with the Ocean City Council to find a way to reduce traffic during those kinds of special events.

Her husband was struck and killed by a State police vehicle on Oct. 6 last year during the Endless Summer Cruisin’ festivities. The state trooper driving the car was on his way to assist another officer when Thomas Lawlor, 57, apparently walked into its path.

“I have a personal reason to be here,” said Lawlor on Monday. “My husband was killed during a car show event last year. I really didn’t want to be here … but I thought it was my civic duty to be before you and tell my story.

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One thought on “Emotional plea during council meeting In OC

  1. This was truly a very sad accident. How much restrictions any City can put on public roadways is another question. I think it calls on Law Enforcement to increase visibility and stopping and arresting any racers or tire squealing or other acts with cars or motorcycles that put the general public at risk. Can’t restrict everyone because of few bad apples!


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