The Pure Evil Of The Liberal Mind


Now more than ever in this current political world, the truly frightening image of out of control liberal minds is in full affect. I have sat and watched the whining and bitching about Brett Kavanaugh with pure disgust. The facts are clear. It wouldn’t have mattered how many FBI background checks were done the Libs were not going to be satisfied with the result until they got the one they wanted.

Christine Blasey Ford was used by the Libs and should be called out for victimizing her for political puppetry. This Country was founded on the very principals that the Libs tried to destroy in going all out to stop President Trump from getting a conservative Supreme Court. Do whatever it takes to stop the process until the midterm elections was their moto. Blasey Ford had absolutely no corroborating evidence that she was ever sexual assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh. Her own witnesses she claimed were with her the night this happened including her best friend denied knowing anything about this party or even knowing who Brett Kavanaugh was. What a truly sick group of people the Libs showed to be by using this Woman in this sick way.

This also comes to another point. This entire episode has set the #metoo movement backward. Everyone supports Woman coming forward with LEGITIMATE sexual assault allegations that can be proven, but when the entire movement is used by the Libs to derail a Supreme Court Nomination it becomes a sick pawn. We cannot become a society where every Woman can just come forward with no evidence and say this person sexually assaulted me and automatically think whoever they say is Guilty. Do you remember the McCarthy years when everyone was a communist if they said so? .This behavior takes away from real Women who have been assaulted this way

Then I started hearing the Libs whining because the Senators that voted for Kavanaugh were actually part of the minority when you look at the Popular vote from around the Country. This is exactly why our founding fathers made the electoral college to stop the Presidency from being a popularity contest where the population centers of New York and Los Angeles decided the fate of the entire nation. When they whine about that they are basically saying to hell with all the little states. Well I say to hell with you. Thank goodness they figured this out back in the 1770’s.

Judge Kavanaugh is a good man and will be an amazing Supreme Court Justice. Every time I think the Libs can sink no lower they find a way to prove me wrong. You should be ashamed of yourselves but I see now you aren’t even mentally capable of that.


13 thoughts on “The Pure Evil Of The Liberal Mind

  1. It’s great how you love to use the word “lib.” Like you wish you could throw out a “n word” or some other derogatory word. Who’s really the one with the mental illness?


  2. Yeah, the founding fathers definitely didn’t want the population center of Los Angeles, which didn’t even exist at the time, to team up with NYC, which had only 33,000 people, and determine the direction of the country.

    JT, you’re a moron.


    1. YOU are the moron–the Founding Fathers had great wisdom and the foresight to know future threats to our great nation–(just look around to see that absolute power corrupts absolutely)…and to quote the great Ben Franklin at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation and asked “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” Franklin responded,
      “A Republic, if you can keep it.”.


  3. Hey 5:42 we are glad you took that homely kid with you!!! Stop reading our news if the place was so so horrible…..bitch you are just a fan of the Good ole Eastern Shore!!!!


  4. 2:27 shows the vision they had….looked over the land and surmised, who would build and live on a fault line??? Then looked at NYC land area and said who would want to live on such a narrow land and have to build high buildings to crowd in people and rodents??? Realized that they would be clueless idiots!!! They got it right!!!!! Don’t think you got who the moron is…..ITS YOU!!!!


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