Missing From Princess Anne


10 thoughts on “Missing From Princess Anne

  1. Why do white girls find an attraction to nasty black guys? This child is only 13 years old. Apparently something when wrong with her parents for allowing this. You know they are having sex.


    1. salisbury and delaware and cambridge is FULL of these thug lovers and plenty of thugs to go around to take your daughters this is the AGE that they are trying to push off on kids that Mixing is ok Well this is what you end with and thats a Fact.


  2. How about instead of worrying about “race traitors”,we worry because this is a child who may be in danger?
    They do not issue Amber Alerts for those who voluntarily run away with no foul play involved. That would just water it down and make it so no one paid attention to the alerts.
    Last, wtf is wrong with these parents? To let their 13 yr old run the streets?


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