October is National Bullying Prevention Month.


Did you know that 64% of children who were bullied did not report it? Or that six out of 10 teenagers say they witness bullying in school once a day? (antibullyinginstitute.org)

Bullying has serious and adverse educational effects. Students who are targets often experience extreme stress that can lead to symptoms of physical illness and a diminished ability to learn.

If you are being bullied: The best way to solve a bullying problem is to tell a trusted adult. It is vital to report bullying is if it threatens to lead to physical danger and harm. Numerous students have died when stalking, threats, and attacks went unreported and the silence gave the bully license to become more and more violent.

If you believe your child is being bullied: Many kids are embarrassed to be bullied and may not tell their parents or another adult right away. If your child comes to you and asks for help with a bully, take it seriously! Many times, if kids aren’t taken seriously the first time they ask for help, they won’t ask again.

Potential warning signs of bullying: Withdrawal, loss of friends, drop in grades, loss of interest in activities he or she previously enjoyed, torn clothing, bruises, and a need for extra money.
If you witness bullying:
When you witness bullying you have an obligation to say something and get help. No one deserves to be hurt or intimidated. Also, no one can afford to be a bystander. Don’t be a Bully Bystander. Get help when you see bullying happening. Being bullied can sometimes lead to suicide, so you may be saving that person’s life.