Weather Bulletin


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  1. What the FUCK Happened on rt 50 at Cambridge A accident west at 2 pm and still fucking cleaning up at 6 pm also ANOTHER Accident 5 blocks away the SHA are a bunch of AHOLES.


  2. 9:17 pm No, as my Mother passed away in 2002 when I was 64. By the way “Mommy” lived with me and I have no basement. I was not brought up to cuss or drop the F Bomb. My problem is I can talk and write without inserting 6:12’s type of language into my dialog.

    IMO the person was being disrespectful to others with the way the question was asked. Perhaps 6:12 could apply for employment with SHA and teach them how a cleanup job should be done. 6:12 does need to be reminded cleanup cannot be started until LEO completes it’s investigation. Sometimes LEO has to wait for additional equipment or officers to come from other sites. Believe me LEO nor SHA is there blocking traffic to make anyone’s life miserable.

    Have a great day


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