Flooding on Shavox Road In Wicomico County


3 thoughts on “Flooding on Shavox Road In Wicomico County

  1. Photos posted each time it floods on all sites are a joke compared to Civic Ave Salisbury Md. Residents sometimes can’t leave or even get home due to the flooding on the Nursing Home side. On the Civic Center side a car could float down the street before the old mall was built. This is how long that area has been neglected, county nor state will or can’t do anything, knowing the problem all these years.


    1. Yeah I read SFB * post about LESN stealing, saying “All he had to do was go to their Facebook page to get the press release……..but no he steals ours……how do I know? He used the same picture.
      The Sheriff’s department post on Facebook had no picture. I added the picture and it is one that I specifically made in June of 2017 for press releases and it has the SBYNEWS watermark on it!

      So I checked out the WCSO Sheriff’s Office Face Book page and low and behold It appears the PC@ TL lies and steals. Try this link

      Has the SBYNews Publisher gone as loony as those Democrat Trump haters? By the way I can’t find a watermark.

      * Shit for Brains
      ** Pool Critter at Trader Lee’s


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