John Hamilton Democratic Candidate For County Executive A Closer Look At Shenanigans

So let’s take a look at Candidate John William Hamilton, the so called Democrat candidate.

1. Changed from a Republican to Democrat to run for office the day before the last day to file.

2. Never received the support of his new party after the primaries, because he was never involved with them. The Democratic Club has endorsed Jack Heath for County Executive. Yet Democrats blindly voted for John Hamilton during the primary, so much so if it was just he and Bob in the general election he would have beat Bob by 3%. Open your eyes folks!

3. He talks about getting his generation involved in politics, yet he has a committee of 1. So much for leading a revolution of young politicians!

4. He wants to up the social media exposure of the County, yet he has none for his campaign!

5. Says he’s a product of our education system. He’s from Stevensville, MD and supposedly went to SU, but must not have graduated. Searched Commencement Programs from 2007 to 2015, nothing.

6. Only 2 signs promoting his campaign, really is he serious?

7. His only purpose is to take votes from Jack Heath through blind party line voters. Bob says he never met John Hamilton until the CAR forum before the primaries. ODD, look at the records for the 2010 primary election, see some familiar names?

8. This young man does not even belong in this election. Any vote for him is a wasted vote! Party affiliation shouldn’t even be involved at this level of politics. You should vote for the right person who will work with others, build consensus, create a measurable plan for the future with people who have an invested interest in seeing it thru.



15 thoughts on “John Hamilton Democratic Candidate For County Executive A Closer Look At Shenanigans

  1. JT,

    Kudos for this post. Please keep your insights into Culver and his record and tactics coming every day until Nov. 6.

    Our “mainstream” media moguls are either too stupid to report those things or being paid not to.


  2. I was at the Exec Forum and listened to all three. Hamilton is Definitely a Democrat, very liberal, and progressive.
    There’s no doubt about it, Hamilton tried to play himself off as a Republican, but couldn’t pull it off!
    Just 2 minutes of listening to him and you know he’s a Democrat!

    Vote (R) across the board! No independents, liberals, or progressives!


    1. I agree, the rotten teeth bum just wants some free healthcare and a pay check. Vote for Republicans not Democrats.


  3. Thanks for this post, which has helped me decide to vote for Mr. Heath rather than Culver, who has gotten Hamilton to run as a turncoat Democrat to try to divert votes from Heath.


  4. Is Hamilton old enough to even vote much less run for office????? 9:32 is correct I believe….a SNOWFLAKE! This smells like some A$$BURROW trickery!!!! VOTE Jack Heath!


  5. there’s going to be a LOT of crying come Nov… Bob is on a roll and the only morons that’ll vote for him are the liberals in the city. the REST of Wicomico will vote (R).


  6. What county job will this goofball get if Culver wins in November? Maybe as a pooper-scooper at Winterplace, but he probably could not handle that job.


  7. A message for Bob Culver…..
    I just wanted to let you know most of the county employees on Nov 4 will be voting for Jack Heath because we for the last 4 years have grown to hate you from taking our paid birthday away to not paying premium overtime for snow removal. Along with you hiring your buddies to work and run the landfill which Candy is just as big a joke as 8th grade Phd Whitelock.
    Hopefully soon things around here will change and ending you can kiss my ass!

    Heath for C.E. 2018


  8. Was this election before or after Brokeback Bob tossed his mother down a flight of stairs and she had a restraining order filed to keep his common ass away from her.


  9. I remember just a year ago Bobbi Boi was trying to get people to run against the current council members. He even tried getting Sharon Morris to run against Ernie Davis. Now he is begging the same Republicans to support him. He is definitely running Skeeerrrttt….


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