People in one Somerset County community are shocked after finding out one of their Elementary teachers is charged with allowing a man to sexually assault her 10 year old relative.

That teacher is 30 year-old Brittney Hughes of Salisbury, Md. Hughes was a first grade teacher at Carter G. Woodson Elementary School in Crisfield.

“I’m shocked, we trust our teachers to protect our children,” says Mom, Michelle Kucharski.

Parents say they don’t feel like their children were protected by Hughes, after learning of her egregious charges that include sex abuse of a minor.

“These are little children that are just growing up, this will scar them,” says Sage Kucharski.

Court documents reveal Hughes allowed 29 year-old Austin Christopher White to assault her 10 year old relative on different occasions.

Documents say the minor told her mother, Hughes, she was getting assaulted, but says Hughes reply was “to go to bed and stop trying to get people in trouble.”

Court documents also reveal the assault started at least two years ago and people are upset.

“It makes me worried because my siblings go to this school and it makes me concerned with the school.

Somerset County Public Schools Spokesperson, Leo Lawson says Hughes is no longer working for the school. Hughes and White are scheduled for separate trials in March 2019



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    2. Wow this is horrible. I pray that the child get the help she need to get through this ordeal. Regardless of race it is wrong and she should not be allowed to teach or be around kids.
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