Trouble At Salisbury Wicomico County Airport Letter To Editor

Hi Jonathan.

I have never written to you before 
But I’m not sure who else I could turn to and hope that you could help.

I have several friends who work at the Salisbury Airport. They’ve told me that ever since Bob Culver has put Dawn Veach in charge that things have really gone downhill. Her spending has gone out of control to the point where for the first time in 20 years the airport cannot pay for itself and has actually had to go to the county to ask for money.
Miss Veach has been harassing the tenants to the point where she’s threatening them with ripping up their leases if they don’t sign agreements they don’t agree with. She is spending money on projects the airport tenants feel that Salisbury Airport does not need and she won’t listen to input from experts in the aviation field who advised her against it.
Employees who have been at the airport for many years , some decades, are quitting left and right because of her. Bob Culver has been made aware of her behavior and refuses to stop her. I am very concerned about her behavior. It seems like she doesn’t care what’s best for Wicomico County and that she’s only interested in making a name for herself and Bob Culver. I feel that she will create more debt for Wicomico County with projects that are not necessary or in the best interest of our County.
The reason that Rosenfeld’s Jewish deli from Ocean City is the restaurant that went into the airport was because every local restaurant that she tried to get in there refused because of her behavior. She had several that were interested but because of her demanding an overbearing Behavior they pulled out.
Some of the tenants tried to meet with Bob Culver about the issues with Dawn Veach but a rumor started circulating that some of the tenants were possibly going to sue the county because of her. Bob Culver decided not to meet with the tenants because of “possible pending litigation. ” There was never any litigation pending! It was just a rumor! I really feel that rumor was just a slimy way for Bob to try and get out of meeting with the tenants and avoid whole situation.

As a private county citizen I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t have any evidence myself just my friends words which I trust because they would have no reason to lie. My friends are afraid to come forward for fear of being fired by Dawn.

I’m deeply disappointed in Bob Culver. He’s been made aware of these behaviors for a long time and has failed to rein her in. It scares me even more that he’s up for reelection and if he wins Dawn Veach stays for another 4 years to wreak more havoc on an already struggling Airport.


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  1. Not surprising at all. That is what happens when you push out employees who knew how things worked so you can hire your friends. Look at Hayes out there. Bob has moved him around most every department to take care of him and hide him and now he lands at the airport along with Bobs lifelong buddy. He and his wife both work there as well. How does this continue? These are the things that make people sick about Government and it’s being played out right here in Wicomico but nobody seems to care and he is making sure to take care of the ones that might care. There has never been a Good Ole Boy system like there is now.


    1. Anonymous and concerned, how about you all acquire some testicular fortitude and identify yourselves? You’re nothing more than uninformed complainers trying to vent your bitches. Tom Hayes has been instrumental in ensuring that projects are completed correctly and within budget. This airport has been stagnant for years missing out on several growth opportunities while pissing away money on mistakes. I know it’s quite a change from the norm however, growth will never occur sticking to the previous status quo.


  2. It’s the same way Culver managed his business….if he didn’t see the problem then it didn’t exist! This is why Jack Heath will be the County Executive shortly.


  3. Don’t believe what you hear and only half of what you see. Here say from friends is always the best way to get information.


  4. Just some true dirt on Bob Culver. Does anyone remember he used to date the biggest marijuana dealer in Salisbury?


  5. I fly in and out of that airport a lot because I’m from the Shore and still have tons of family and a daughter and grandchildren there. I find the airport to be much improved. They haven’t had a restaurant there in how many years? Yet this woman was able to get one to finally come in. Kudos to her! I also heard that she is trying to get more airlines to fly in and out and that is sorely needed. I’m praying that she can get it accomplished. Salisbury Airport should have grown bigger decades ago. The people who used to be in charge was never concerned enough about it to see that it ever happened. Thank God that looks to be changing!


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