Wicomico County Council Endorsements

Joe Holloway For District 5

Larry Dodd For District 3

Ernie Davis For District 1

Marc Kilmer For District 2


18 thoughts on “Wicomico County Council Endorsements

  1. Regardless of whether Culver is reelected, these four council members should be, and they will be especially important if McCain and Hasting win seats on the Council.

    BTW, are you in favor of Suvannah Cain in her district?


    1. You must have been sleeping when this was posted. “Lowereasternshorenews endorses Suzanah Cain For Wicomico County Council District 4?”


    1. Jake Day is everything 101 of what not to do as a public servant on social media. He is condescending to those that DARE voice an opposing view. He berates belittles his constituents and even mocks them at times. He has vision yes but absolutely nooooo accountability for his actions ie spending. ( Send a public info request and I will tell you). Now with Heath and Day in charge we would be in big trouble. Only saving grace believe it or not would be Julie Brewington. Does she have issues? yes? There is no love lost between us both but one thing I can say about her is she is consistent in her convictions and does not hide from them. She asks the right questions and unfortunately because of past behavior and the fact that she is a female she gets downplayed. When sober she is sharp as a tack so look out County Council. Friends with her or not she will hold you accountable so I will be watching the hell out of PAC 14 once she is one the council and pray to God she stays true the course and holds them accountable as well. Sparks may fly in opposition between her and Culver but that what we need two conservatives acting like the County tax payer money is coming from their own wallet.


    1. You are not a law abiding citizen if you would help the illegal immigrants. Your voting rights should be revoked.


    2. “I will be voting democrat across the board. i hope we can help the immigrants also”

      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you must be Michele Gregory, Jamaad Gould and or Josh Hastings.


  2. Good choice, they have our support as well. The best thing to do is to make sure they get your support and your family and friends vote or we will become a socialist county. We can’t afford that so please get out the vote.


  3. I am not a Wicomico Co. voter, I do not live there. I can’t say I know the rest that are running but as a white man who does know Ernie Davis I can tell you he is very smart and has a great way with folks. I worked with Ernie for many years he will do you right. He is Ernie every day. Not trying to be something he is not.


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