Michelle Bradley Latest Cronyism Hire By Bob Culver With Sbynews Ties

Michelle Bradley has recently been hired by Bob Culver as Wicomico County Director Of Family services. Well guess what folks I have just learned that Michelle Bradley has been assisting Joe Albero with his trash website as well. So Michelle assists Albero and then gets hired for Director Of Wicomico County Family services. What is it going to take for you to see this man for what he is. Bob is a piece of shit.


15 thoughts on “Michelle Bradley Latest Cronyism Hire By Bob Culver With Sbynews Ties

  1. Culver is going to get re-elected.by a landslide. The some reason why is there is enough people that will only vote their party line. An independent has no chance. Watch and see. I’ll be back to tell you I told you so.


    1. Naa I hope you’re wrong. Bob will never get my vote again, unless it’s to fire him. I voted Jack Heath. Bob has proven to be be a double headed snake. A swamp creature, drain the Wicomico swamp!


  2. Another reason to replace one-term Alcoholic Bob quick and fast. Anyone associated with A$$BURROW has to have a very questionable past….think Culver definitely in over his head!


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