Vote Suzanna Cain For District 4 Wicomico County Council


4 thoughts on “Vote Suzanna Cain For District 4 Wicomico County Council

  1. Mr. JT, A$$burrow just posted a picture from the backseat of a cop driving a car and it says this “My Uber Drivers Got An Attitude, Says Local Candidate.” There is no doubt about it that he is still packing on Julie Brewington. Please help defend Julie before we get stuck with Jamaad Gould and/or Bill McCain because of A$$burrow.


  2. ZERO votes for dems, hopefully Ms Brewington realizes that alcohol is not her friend. She should also apologize to the deputies involved in her arrest. She acted like such an asshole. But Zero votes for dems so she will get my vote hope she put the bottle down.


  3. Wish Ms Suzanna was running in my district she is a very nice person and I feel she would be an asset to the County.


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