Voting Thoughts From My Early Voting Yesterday

I must commend our local board of elections for running a smooth operation while I was there.

I had forgotten we were doing paper ballots this year and have to say I actually preferred . It made you take your time more and read and make sure you blacked in the correct spot.

The candidates were all very respectful of each other which was nice to see with the current political environment .

The one thing that I hated and discussed it with multiple candidates was the over abundance of political signs that made the civic center look like a circus. Look I’m all for getting your sign seen but when there are 25 plus of your sign it’s way to many.

I talked to quite a few on my way in and while riding by including Josh Hastings,Bo McCallister , Larry Dodd, Carl Anderton, Suzanah Cain, Jamie Dykes, Mary Beth Carozza , Andy Harris .

Very smooth job again by the Board of Elections and hopefully you have gotten out to vote


7 thoughts on “Voting Thoughts From My Early Voting Yesterday

  1. Yes, I too, thought the process was very well organized & the workers very pleasant. Was there about 3pm today & only saw republican candidates greeting voters. Guess the democrates think they are all winners!!!


    1. Democraps are confident they have this election wrapped up. Vote Republican and please make sure you get all of your friends and family out to vote because there are way to many Democraps voting.


  2. Hey JT, the county has a grievance committee which will be in action very soon. Employees are tired of constant pressure they are receiving over this blog. Supervisors think only 1 person is responsible for some of these comments, there are much more than 1. Employees are pissed and things are going to get worse for our stupidvisors. We want Jack Heath.


    1. I can assure you as a county employee we are sick of Bob Culver but WE don’t want Jack Heath. I will do my best to get rid of Bob in 4 years but no Jack Heath. If somehow Jack is accidentally elected I will do my best to get rid of him in 4 years. Vote Republican and hold your nose if you have to.


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