Pocomoke City Police Seize 843 Cartons of Cigarettes

On 10-31-2018 Pocomoke City Police were conducting a traffic stop at Route 13 and Stockton Road when a vehicle failed to move over. Pocomoke Police initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, a 2017 Volkswagon with NY plates. Upon making contact with the driver police noticed a large blanket covering a large box in the cargo area with several cartons of cigarettes in plain view. After further investigation it was discovered the occupant of the rental vehicle was carrying 847 cartons of cigarettes from Virginia into Maryland. Pocomoke City Police, assisted by the State of MD Comptrollers Office determined the cigarettes had a retail value of $54,373.50 with a tax loss to the State of Maryland in the amount of $16,860.00. Arrested was Gamil Ali Aljahmi, age 23 of Bronx, New York. He was charged with a felony count of transporting unstamped cigarettes and cigarette possession unstamped over 30. He was held at the Worcester County Detention Center on $10,000 unsecured personal bond.

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8 thoughts on “Pocomoke City Police Seize 843 Cartons of Cigarettes

    1. From Comptroller of Maryland website, Q&A about smokes..:

      How many cigarettes can be imported into Maryland?

      Five cartons per person. Importing more than five cartons is a felony if transported. See Tax General TG 12-104 and TG 13-1015.


  1. Ramadan Brothers story from 2013

    Since shortly after 9/11, the government has linked smuggling use with terror. Usually, that link spurs images of Afghan poppy fields under the wary eye of men in fatigues. Sometimes, though, it’s garbage bags filled with money from selling illegal cigarettes in Brooklyn.

    Yesterday, CNN reports, authorities arrested 16 Palestinian men in a scheme that may have generated $55 million in revenue from selling cigarettes without paying state tax. The group bought cigarettes in Virginia, moving them to a warehouse in Delaware. Several times a week, cartons of cigarettes would be brought to the city in vans and sold.

    When authorities moved in, there was no shortage of evidence discovered.

    Investigators said they seized three handguns from Basel Ramadan, as well as $1.4 million from his residence, some of which was stuffed into black plastic garbage bags.

    More than 20,000 cartons of cigarettes were also taken from defendants’ homes, cars and storage facilities in four states, authorities said. At least $200,000 in cash was seized from defendants in New York City alone, officials said.

    The links to terror organizations are somewhat sketchy. Members of the smuggling group have been linked to Hamas, a Lebanese terrorist, and the “Blind Sheikh,” Omar Abdel-Rahman. Such a link, however, wouldn’t be unprecedented. In 2004, a ring similarly focused on selling untaxed cigarettes at a profit was tied directly to al Qaeda and Hezbollah. In 2002, a man in Charlotte was convicted of providing support to terrorists by similarly selling cigarettes.


  2. They should hire George Scales to roll ciggarettes in NY City. They can pay him a 30pack of beer a day. On Sunday he needs a halfpint of Evan Williams and a 12 pack because he’s taking it easy. The muslim can smuggle tobacco leaf up their butts to avoid detection.


  3. Must be a lot of crime on route 13. Sure could of used Pocomoke City Police Officer within he city limits where they belong during the huge fight that went on at New Macedonia Baptist Church.


    1. Shut the Fuck UP!! Rt. 13 is a high crime area and Rt. 13 is part of Pocomoke City limits so they were doing their job and they are appreciated. Not their fault that Ghetto Trash always fight, even in a church.


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