Delmar Mayor Supports Jack Heath For County Executive

I wouldn’t exactly say I’m in a position to endorse. People or organizations that do that, usually have a lot of political power. I don’t fancy myself having a lot of power, but I think most of my constituents respect me…or at least the job I try to do for the Delmar residents. I hope you trust me enough by now to understand that the only “agenda” I have is that of keeping my neighbors and friends safe and happy. With that said, I’d like to at least offer my opinion regarding the Independent candidate for the County Executives’s seat in the upcoming election. Jack Heath is the candidate for whom I will be casting my vote. First, Mr.Heath did not cast his party aside in order to throw his hat in the ring. He certainly could have taken the easy way out and registered differently, but instead, he worked hard to get the signatures needed to be able to file to run as an Independent. I can assure you, his hard work will not stop there. Second, I feel he will not forget that our municipality is part of Wicomico County and our taxpayers contribute just as much to the County coffers as those who do NOT reside within corporate limits. I can count on one hand, maybe even one finger, the number of times the current County Executive has come to a town meeting. Mr. Heath has come several times. Obviously a great thing to do when running for office, but when I asked if he had any comments, he expressed that he was simply there to gain an understanding of the issues our Town faced. Last, Mr. Heath is VERY approachable. If you have questions or concerns, he will discuss them with you, WITHOUT disrespecting you. There are a couple of rumors I’ve heard, and I’d like to weigh in. YES, Mr. Heath and Mayor Day have a good working relationship. Do I think either one is in the other’s back pocket? NO I DO NOT. I think a good relationship between the County Exec and the Mayor of the largest municipality in the county is necessary to move both forward. Doing so can only be beneficial to the other municipalities in the county, like Delmar. Also, of obvious great concern to our community, is our fire department. Early on there was a rumor that our department would lose funding because the BUILDING is not in Maryland. Mr. Heath reached out to the DFD Admin and dispelled that rumor. I spoke with Mr. Heath yesterday and he confirmed that he would never consider withholding funding from Delmar’s fire department as long as the residents of Delmar, MD were being served. Jack Heath gets it! He understands the uniqueness of the Town of Delmar. My vote is going to Jack Heath!