I Can’t Go On Bob Won

Life is over as we know it. It’s a clear message that I suck and am defeated. It’s the end of the road for me as your nasty comments have won the day and I am going to just live quietly as a defeated person.


13 thoughts on “I Can’t Go On Bob Won

  1. Running against a pair of goofballs, one of whom hardly campaigned and the other wants to raise taxes, who together split the “anti” Culver vote, he did not get a majority of the voters, but most other Republican candidates did, many by a landslide. He is not overly popular AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEFEATED.

    IMO, he was fortunate not to face a strong opponent, for which he should thank the local Democrat organization that continues to be worthless. To be sure, the local Republican club and central committee is also worthless.

    Fortunately, the Council has not changed much — it may be better in some respects — and can be expected to stand up to Culver’s scams and shenanigans.


  2. Once again, the Greater Salisbury Committee and other local elite have proved that they don’t know how to control Wicomico County, which is a different than controlling Salisbury. How many of them supported Heath other than with $$$.


  3. Heath poisoned the well when he supported a huge pay raise for Jake Day, and continued when he supported changing the tax cap and raising taxes. He even lost to a Democrat nonentity. It will be interesting to see how many votes he got outside of Salisbury.


  4. Cheer up. It’s apparent that Culver is not very popular. No doubt some folks voted for him as the least bad, not the best, of that trio, and he did not break 50%.


  5. Yea Dawn Mitchell Parks has flew the coop and headed to Delaware. Bad choice for a acting director. With the new admendment and voted on by council this mistake would not have happened. I wish you Culver lovers luck for the next 4 years.


  6. Glad I don’t live in Wicomico county, Culver only won because no one of value, experience or proffessiolism wanted the nightmare the county has been working under. A few upper level administrators need to go and a few directors too. Culver will have four years to devstate the budget and trust of his voters. Be carful of want you wish (vote) for. Only saving Grace will be the council will keep Culver in check. Culver is not a leader.


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