Roflmao You Wish Haters

I enjoyed annoying you and making you get excited that I was defeated and going to just close up shop . Not in your lifetime buckos


12 thoughts on “Roflmao You Wish Haters

  1. Did Bob make a thank you call to you for all your help in getting him elected? Nothing motivates someone’s base like personal attacks involving family members. And then there was all that support thrown behind a lame 3rd party candidate that didn’t even want to win. You were a huge help to Culver’s landslide victory!


  2. Only one happy is A$$BURROW….his wife keeps a paycheck!!! Bad that his wife has to work, seeing how he “says” he’s wealthy???? He like Alcoholic Bob is full of $HIT!!!! LOL


  3. Jake is Jack (running as an independent)! Make no mistakes about it; whatever the Jake and city wanted, Jack was going to make happen. Adding two more democrats to CC (for a total of three) and having John Cannon rubber stamp, it was all but a done deal.


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