Tomorrow I Will Reflect On Election Results


13 thoughts on “Tomorrow I Will Reflect On Election Results

  1. I’ll stay out of it tomorrow. I’m getting away from the mess for a while. Only thing that concerns me is no contenders to knock Cannon and McCain out of office. Also, some seats gained by democrats across the country is something I can’t wrap my head around. A few governors and many house members. How can anyone agree with some of those jerks wanting to change America? I don’t know why they would get votes from their own party. Well, I’m not going looting, maim and humiliate in the streets. I’ll just wait until 2020 to enjoy President Donald J. Trump do so for me. Can’t wait for him to label them and chunk them off stage. lol Enjoy, Grinch!


  2. Oh JT I see the A$$BURROW groupies have awakened!! 3:19 is a real fan he can’t resist reading your blog and your personal input……that BITCH is a FAN!!!!!


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