Bad Accident Near Bob Evans In Salisbury


14 thoughts on “Bad Accident Near Bob Evans In Salisbury

  1. There was a serious accident on 13 bypass yesterday between Fruitland and where it ends in Eden. A car flew off the road, perforated the guardrail and caught to fire. Also, there was a big bust by State police at the Shell Station in Eden/Allen on 13S. Was about a dozen State trooper vehicles w/ lights on…

    You know about these, JT? WTH happened


  2. Stop saying bad accident. Not every accident is bad. Cars today are designed to crumple even a low speeds. When someone dies, is dismembered or kids are involved that’s a bad accident, otherwise it’s just an accident!


  3. Bad accident or good accident, it concerns me to put the word on the street without any information. Each time I worry if it is my family in that area. No info, nothing to report…thanking you in advance.
    Oh, please don’t say there is a photo because it shows a vehicle damaged. How did it get in that condition, where is the other vehicle or deer? The other vehicle is why I worry.


    1. So you want me to interfere with an accident scene to get you all the details while they are pulling people out of cars? I will continue posting these photos and if it offends you I ask you please don’t visit then


  4. lol

    looks like my Crazy Ex Wifes car

    she is on dozens of prescription opiates…

    was banging local doctors for more prescriptions when I caught her

    Now…..she is somebody else’s headache


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