Whiskers For Wishes (MPD)

34479736_1542117078605678_rEach year the Millsboro Police Department takes time to raise money for needy families in the Millsboro area.
Officers donate their own money and in exchange they are allowed grow their facial hair.

The Millsboro Police Department partners with Grace United Methodist Church in selecting the families.
This campaign would not be possible with the donations from officers alone, each year local business and philanthropists partner with us and donate money. The Millsboro Police Department has been able to raise approximately $3000 each year and help out 6 to 7 families. Our goal is to increase this amount each year, in an effort to be able to help the maximum amount of families. We thank you in advance for your support. Please be sure to leave comments with your donations as we intend to provide press releases and social media posts with those who partner with us.

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