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  1. Ray: How be Jonathan part of the problem?
    Has he mugged anyone, or attacked a police officer, or participated in a drive-by?
    I think it is funny as hell.
    Is Jonathan’s humor getting a little too close to the truth for you?

    PS Santa’s reindeer should keep their armor & ammo until they clear West Salisbury.


  2. I doubt the deer would work that area without being armed. LEO’s are armed, bet the mailman and other’s are too.


    1. No, he’s part of the solution. Making light of a terrible situation to make a point. Baltimore is spending tax money to defend illegal immigrants,.while schools have no money for heat and crime it at a 3rd world country level. Where is the outrage? Why are not people protesting in the streets? Oh yea, that’s right- Democrat steeple live there.


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