Comment Worthy A Post On Political Correctness

The Politically Correct Institute of America has criticized Charlie Brown – classic and Rudolph – classic in which children can learn about friendship, sacrifice, and the importance of never giving up. But it is okay for Walmart to use Rick James song – Give it to baby. Give me that sweet funky stuff. Is he a role model that we would want children to follow or music we would want them to listen to?


6 thoughts on “Comment Worthy A Post On Political Correctness

  1. It’s all a joke! Listen to any….any rapper and the mistreatment of and the brutal rape of women is in every “song”!!! Yet the snowflakes worry about songs written in the damn 1940’s while these dumb ass thugs rake in their money….wake up people the insane are trying to overtake the damn asylum!!!!! You are right 1:42….sad to say.


  2. Lets not forget yesterdays news.. the song by Barry Manilow and others “Baby its cold outside” should no longer be played because it is a man not taking no for an answer. Political correct crap “you know what you have when you have 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean…”a good start”


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