Krispy Kreme

On Wednesday, December 12, pop into any participating Krispy Kreme (that means most stores nationwide) and order any dozen donuts. You can get all glazed, an assortment of the special holiday flavors, a dozen jelly donuts—whatever your heart desires.

Then, as a gift from the magical, generous, wonderful holiday elves at Krispy Kreme, you’ll get to take home an extra dozen donuts for $1 more.


The second, cheaper dozen comes with 12 original glazed donuts, which, let’s be honest, are obviously the best. At $8-9 a pop for the first dozen, the deal means you’ll get 24 donuts for around ten bucks. Not a bad way to start off a Wednesday!


11 thoughts on “Krispy Kreme

  1. Donuts great. Staff friendly. Yes, sometimes you must wait for fresh baked goods. The days old boxed ones are at the grocery store, you never waited in a grocery line, right!


  2. 5:09 I waited also….but, I love it when the “hot n now” sign is lit…they melt in your mouth! The Food Lion boxes were cheaper, but nowhere near as good unless you used the microwave!!!!!


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