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  1. Letter to the Editor

    This is about the Bullsh!t healthcare plan that Bob Culver forced all employees to take. The very cheapest version of Blue Cross/Blue Shield you can imagine. Bob Culver and Michelle Ennis the HR Director lied to us and said there was no difference and it was a much better plan at significant cost savings. They went from a PPO to the EPO and said nothing changes. Just like Obama’s “You can keep your doctor.”

    Well, guess what? I was just diagnosed with diabetes and went into the pharmacy with my prescriptions to get a glucometer, test strips and lancets. Twenty minutes later the pharmacist calls me to the counter and tells me BC/BS DENIED my equipment. I asked why and they said the glucometer and accessories were “plan excluded.”

    WTH!!! I, like everyone else, bought into this craziness but got screwed. We are supposed to get healthy and we work our asses off for the county just for the good healthcare benefits and we get screwed over!!! It might sound like a good plan but it isn’t! Wait until you or your family member needs life-saving medical supplies. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE with Bob Culver’s Healthcare Plan!! Please warn all future employees to go somewhere else that offers better health care plans.

    I just found out that Bob and Michelle kept their better PPO plan while the employees suffer with the Wicomico County Socialists Healthcare EPO!


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