WICOMICO COUNTY, MD (January 4, 2019)  – Deputy State Fire Marshals arrested a Wicomico County man who possessed and attempted to detonate a destructive device in Hancock, Washington County on December 29, 2018.  

            On December 30, 2018, at approximately 12:32 am, Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies notified the Maryland State Fire Marshal Bomb Squad to assist with the discovery of a suspected device.  The device was located in the parking lot of the Quaker Creek Apartments.  As a result of diagnostics performed by the Bomb Squad, it was determined that the device was a functional intact improvised explosive device.  The Bomb Squad rendered the device safe and took it in to custody for evidence and assumed the investigation.  No injuries or damage was reported as a result of the incident.  

            On January 4, 2019, the Maryland State Fire Marshal Bomb Squad executed a search warrant at 714 Hammond Street in Salisbury.  As a result of the execution of the warrant, Michael Joseph Thorn (51)  was taken into custody without incident and transported to Wicomico County Central Booking/Detention Center.  No injuries or damages resulted from the execution of the warrant.

           The investigation revealed that Mr. Thorn possessed and attempted to initiate the device.  Mr. Thorn was charged with Possessing a Destructive Device and Possessing Explosives with Intent to Create a Destructive Device.  The Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office Bomb Squad,  Lower Eastern Regional Office, Salisbury Police Department and Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives assisted with this investigation.

           Mr. Thorn is currently being held without bond until a hearing  on January 7, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.



      1. Amen 9:58. Jared Schablein and his ilk need to stay under their rocks. They lost their elections BIG TIME and all they can come up with is name calling.


  1. “…Everything’s illegal nowadays.”

    Ain’t that the truth! Board of Education is all in a tizzy because some a..hole named Jaamad is offended by song lyrics. Maybe thay should take a look at the lyrics of the song the ice cream truck plays.


    1. Dick Hertz quit the bullshit of dropping hints and tell the fucking story. WTF is Jaamad and WTF is the BOE? What fucking song are you talking about? How TF do you expect to make a point if no one knows WTF you are talking about!


      1. Jaamad Gould is a local “activist” from Mardela who is complaining to the Wicomico Board of Education (BOE) that his relatives who attend Mardela High are being “harmed” because some students are listening to music that he considers to be racist. The Board is actually taking this seriously.
        I’m sure you recall ice cream trucks in local neighborhoods in the summer and they all play a little song that everyone recognizes. What most people do not know is the lyrics from that song which was written about 1914 or so. The lyrics are as follows:
        Ni***r love a watermelon, ha, ha, ha
        Ni***r love a watermelon, ha, ha, ha
        For here, they’re made with a half pound of co’l
        There’s nothing like watermelon for a hungry coon


      2. 6:48. If you don’t know what Hertz is talking about, you must be living in a cave. Also nice language that you use.


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