Patricia Dudek Missing Person Case 17 Years Today

I could say a lot about my feelings on this case as I have posted and shared it many times over the years. However this morning her daughter posted this on Facebook that says more than I ever could. Please whoever you are out there give them some closure and have some humanity

17 years ago today was the day my world turned upside down. At just 15 years old my mom disappeared. She was my life, my friend, my everything. I miss her everyday and only pray to find answers one day soon. She has I mean had the biggest heart. How do you choose a word in the past tense when your heart screams and wants her to just walk through the door or to pick up a phone and have her answer the other line? I can not stop hoping but hope is fragile. After 17 years and knowing how much family meant to my mom it’s hard to keep hope. She is or was a light that shined even on the darkest of days. I know myself and my sister and brother want answers and closure. We will have them one day when god says it’s time to know. This is one of hardest days in my families life. My grandmothers died without answers and there was nothing anyone could do. Mom we miss you and love you so much !!!!!!!