Traffic Stop Leads to Gun Seizures and Arrest


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Traffic Stop Leads to Gun Seizures and Arrest



    On 1/10/19 at approximately 0053 hrs., Troopers were patrolling the Salisbury area when they observed a White Toyota with an inoperable brake light, inoperable tag light and a front passenger seatbelt violation.   A traffic stop was initiated in the Royal Farms parking lot located at 101 N. Salisbury Blvd.  Troopers approached the driver side of the Toyota.   While contacting the driver, the front seat passenger’s furtive movements directed Troopers attention to the rear seat area of the vehicle.  The Troopers observed the barrel of a rifle protruding from underneath a sweatshirt.  

    Subsequently, all three occupants were immediately detained.  The driver was identified as Keondrae Tyrice Finney AA/M DOB 11/15/92.  The front seat passenger was identified as Jacorey Kevin Harmon AA/M DOB 5/2/95.  The rear seat passenger was identified as Detravus Breon Upshur AA/M DOB 9/7/93.   A search of the vehicle revealed a loaded Keltec Sub 2000 .40 cal rifle on the front passenger floorboard.  An SKS 7.62×39 rifle was located along the rear passenger floorboard. Also located on the front seat passenger (Harmon) was a jar of marijuana under 10g., which was seized, and Harmon was issued a civil citation.  The driver (Finney) was issued the appropriate traffic citations.  

    Further investigation revealed the rear seat passenger (Upshur) was prohibited from possessing firearms.  All subjects were transported to the Salisbury Barrack for processing and further investigation.  Investigation led to charging Detravius Breon Upshur of Franklin Avenue in Salisbury with numerous firearms violations.



Case # 19-MSP-001301

Investigating Trooper:  Tpr. M. Honsinger

Barrack Commander:  Lt. C. Davala

Assistant Barrack Commander:  F/Sgt. M. Rickard

Assistant Barrack Commander: D/Sgt. C. Welch


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  1. Let’s see….Keondrae, Jacorey and Detravus…the names explain everything. The only thing missing is the obligatory Q and apostrophe in the name. I wonder if these single mothers just throw Scrabble letters on the table and, whatever comes out, they use for a name. Ridiculous.


    1. Oh, come on…with names like that,obviously the next President of IBM or Google….NOT…I totally agree with the Scrabble concept-have said the same thing myself…


  2. Children must have just gotten off work, a little after midnight. If working daylight it was past their bedtime. Or maybe they were looking for a job (income). Hard for kids to have fun nowadays with pole lice messing with them. But citizens want to know why law enforcement have to be armed.


  3. 12:07 great move by our Mayor! He lets the State foot the bill and saves us Salisbury residents money…’s a win win situation you idiot!


  4. Looks like these feral monkees take as good care of there long guns as they do there pitbull dogs. MSP and WCSO are the only ones with enuff ballz to pull over these mongrels.


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