Letter To The Editor

Bill McDermott

I wanted to say a few words about Bill McDermott.  We haven’t seen eye to eye on a lot of things but he has always cared about getting justice for Christine Sheddy and the family she left behind.  On January 4, 2019 he did just that!  As his last case in Worcester County this man got final justice for my daughter Christine.

For the people that dont know… Billy McDermott (before he passed the bar) was working in the Worcester County States Attorney’s office.  In addition to his other duties, Billy researched my daughters case.  There were many nights that he slept in that office working for my Christine.   Billy’s hard work and pursuit for justice paid off and came full circle on his last case in Worcester County.  Bill McDermott successfully argued Tia Johnson had violated her parole conditions and the judge agreed.  Tia was given her back up time to serve.

Thank you Billy for caring about my daughter, Christine Sheddy.  Although we have disagreed in the past I would like you to know that I appreciated everything you did for my girl.  I only wish you the best.  Wicomico County is lucky to have you.

Thanks again

Lynn Dodenhoff

Christine’s Mom



6 thoughts on “Letter To The Editor

  1. Very nice letter! Even folks that don’t always see eye to eye can truly be civil with others….this is a good example for Dems shame it can’t be applied! Thank you Ms. Dodenhoff you and others that have lost children are in our deepest thoughts!

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  2. Is this dumb bitch ever going away? My God, if not for her poor parenting skills her nigger loving daughter may be alive


    1. I may have lacked in the “parenting skills” but that didn’t get my daughter raped, beaten to death, buried twice and left a family looking for her for over two years. What got her killed was people with the same mentality as you…..they don’t care about who they are going to hurt, they just do what they want because they can. Anonymous is the cowards way. Sign your name to your comment. I am sure your friends and family would be so proud of you. Unlike you this dumb bitch accomplished finding my daughter and changed a law. What have you done to help anyone?


      1. JT didnt write the comment. Some coward with anonymous keyboard muscles did. I know JT and he is by far not racist.


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